Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dexter Synopsis!

     Sorry for the wait, but here it is! The Dexter synopsis! 

     Dexter Morgan isn’t anywhere near being a typical guy. To even think so would be ludicrous (ROLL OUT). When Dexter was a child he witnessed the worst thing that any child could witness, his mother being murdered. Because of this, Dexter is pretty much a zombie, feelings wise. He goes through the day trying to act as though he is happy, sad or any other emotion. This causes awkward situations to be frequent and hilarious.   

     But the worst thing that witnessing his mother’s murder is that Dexter grew a love for blood. He would constantly kill animals as a teen and eventually wanted to kill humans. This is where his adopted father (Harry) steps in. Harry allowed Dexter to kill animals, and soon became aware of his growing intentions. He taught Dexter to be an angel of death. Dexter would soon be slaughtering known criminals with a passion that I wish I could have about anything.
Not only is Dexter a fantastic character, but the show has had some of the best plot lines I’ve seen on television. There are constantly twists and turns, and you really never know if Dexter is going to be able to keep going. This isn’t just a show that is kill, kill, kill, it is a show with some of the most diverse characters, and subtle hints of things to come, that I know anyone who actually sat through the first season would fall in love.

    If you haven’t done so, watch the first season of Dexter! You will be amazed.

Season 5 synopsis coming soon.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Modern Family

Modern Family is THE new hit show. To put it simply, it’s hilarious! Really, the only downside to this show is that you can only get it in thirty minute doses! The plot of the show is almost like a documentary (much like The Office) of what is seemingly a very modern family. The show follows three groups of people.

The first includes a hard headed, getting up there in age man named Jay (Who played Al Bundy in Married With Children). Jay is married to a young, hot Columbian, Gloria, who a soft spoken, flamboyant son, Manny.  This group combines for a lot of laughs, as Jay knows he is too old for Gloria, who catches every guys eye, and Manny who is a short-sighted romantic.

The second group includes the daughter of Jay, Claire, played by Julie Bowen (That hot chick in Happy Gilmore) who is a stressed out mother, who very often overreacts to minor details. Claire is married to Phil Dunphy. Phil is the complete opposite of a ladies man, he is awkward, he is na├»ve, and best yet, he is down right hilarious! Claire and Phil are polar opposites, which makes their scenes side-splitting. Claire and Phil have three, very different kids. The first is Haley, a teenager who is a complete airhead. The second is Alex, a pre-teen who is probably the smartest in the entire family. The third is Luke, he’s a little kid with a lot of heart, but has a very hollow head.

The third part of the family rounds out the family in likely the most “Modern” way. Mitchell is also Jay’s son, and he always failed to live up to this fact. Mitchell is gay, which makes for his interaction with Jay an awkward ruse. Mitchell’s boyfriend, Cam, is basically as gay as they come, but is not the typical person you think of when you think of a homosexual. Cam basically is a housewife, who tends to his and Mitchell’s recently adopted Asian baby. These two are a real laugh, as both are competing to try to be the man in the relationship, but both have redeeming qualities that show that they both really aren’t.

So there you go! That's Modern Family in a nutshell! Catch it tonight on ABC at 9! You’ll be glad you did! The winner of the poll comes next! IMDB link:

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lone Star Canceled?

Not sure what of make of this, but there’s a rumor afloat that Lone Star has been canceled! I'll wait to see what fox does, because I really can't see them canceling it after only two episodes, even if the ratings were lackluster. Hopefully it will still be picked up, just changed to a different day of the week, as Lie To Me is going to be in that timeslot. Pretty ironic that it was announced being canceled just shortly after I posted about it..

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Lone Star

       This may end up being my new favorite show. The pilot and the second episode seem to be setting up a very good series. The show is about one named Robert Allen, he is a con artist. His father raised him from a young age to be a con artist, and the two have paired together to be extremely successful. They plan a long-term scam which involves Robert (Bob) getting married to the daughter of an aging oil tycoon. Bob falls in love with her, and can’t go through with the con, and decides to try to be legit for the first time in his life. His father agrees to work with him initially, but soon decides to use the spot in the company that Bob got him to sabotage the company.

      Did I mention that Robert Allen has another love affair? This is where things get really interesting. He is constantly juggling two lives, both of them originally involving a scam. But this love affair wasn’t planned, and he didn’t cover his basis. This wife (yes he has two wives) has been snooping into his past, and her sister isn’t buying any of what Bob is selling.

     There are already many different sub plots going on, and I don’t want this post to be too long, so I’m going to end it here. This show is really shaping up to be a thriller, much like Dexter, except Robert Allen is the complete opposite (in terms of personality and motive) than Dex.

If the writers played their cards right on this one, I can’t see it not being a hit.

IMDB Link:


Decided to post a quick review after watching the latest chuck episode. Anyone else love the fact that they brought back the old buy more game? One of my favorite parts of the show is how down right stupid the whole lot is. That aside, it was an alright episode, not really digging the whole "closet" thing, but seeing Yvonne Strahovski in bra and panties pretty much made up for it.

Hopefully a plot will soon open up to keep the season a rolling, otherwise it will probably go down hill. Fast.