Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dexter Synopsis!

     Sorry for the wait, but here it is! The Dexter synopsis! 

     Dexter Morgan isn’t anywhere near being a typical guy. To even think so would be ludicrous (ROLL OUT). When Dexter was a child he witnessed the worst thing that any child could witness, his mother being murdered. Because of this, Dexter is pretty much a zombie, feelings wise. He goes through the day trying to act as though he is happy, sad or any other emotion. This causes awkward situations to be frequent and hilarious.   

     But the worst thing that witnessing his mother’s murder is that Dexter grew a love for blood. He would constantly kill animals as a teen and eventually wanted to kill humans. This is where his adopted father (Harry) steps in. Harry allowed Dexter to kill animals, and soon became aware of his growing intentions. He taught Dexter to be an angel of death. Dexter would soon be slaughtering known criminals with a passion that I wish I could have about anything.
Not only is Dexter a fantastic character, but the show has had some of the best plot lines I’ve seen on television. There are constantly twists and turns, and you really never know if Dexter is going to be able to keep going. This isn’t just a show that is kill, kill, kill, it is a show with some of the most diverse characters, and subtle hints of things to come, that I know anyone who actually sat through the first season would fall in love.

    If you haven’t done so, watch the first season of Dexter! You will be amazed.

Season 5 synopsis coming soon.